2023 Impact Report

In an environment that constantly evolves, Lakeland Leads (LL) is driving a confluence between business expertise and educational ingenuity. Our accomplishments echo our commitment to elevating K-12 education. Below are the cornerstone areas of our impact.

Industry Influence & Communication

Business Voices Amplified

Doubled LL’s members and strategic partnerships, magnifying our influence on public schools.

Strategic Audits

Initiated a comprehensive PCSB financial audit, laying the groundwork for collaborative solutions that engaged over 30 community members.

Government Advocacy

Championed for effective PCSB representation.

Community Events

Hosted a diversified portfolio of engagements promoting business-education alliances.

Workforce Pathways to Impact Pipeline Needs

School Partnerships

In the process of integrating our members with high schools, reaching nearly 1,000 students.

Financial Support

Awarded $12,000 in donations to celebrate successful Academy and Business Partners and $25,000 in Superintendent Heid Scholarships for students.

Process Enrichment

Advocating for a streamlined work-based learning digital platform for career readiness and improved processes for business engagement.

Increasing Access & Availability to Quality Seats

School Choice

Spearheaded the recruitment of IDEA Charter School to broaden high-quality education opportunities, with a capacity to serve almost 1,200 K-12 students.

Celebrating Success & Supporting Innovative Initiatives

Student-Focused Programs

Backed multiple initiatives, like Junior Achievement 3DE, Partners in Education, and more, to empower at-risk students and increase business engagement.

LL’s approach is meticulously designed to elevate the educational landscape while meeting the precise needs of the business community. We aim to craft a generation of graduates who are not just academically equipped but are also industry-ready.

We invite you to become part of this transformative journey.
Your partnership can accentuate our collective efforts, shaping the workforce of tomorrow.