By Junior Achievement

In 2022, Lakeland Leads sponsored the launch of the Junior Achievement’s 3DE model at Tenoroc High. This unique program breaks through the traditional model of education to help prepare students for the demands of tomorrow’s economy. 

3DE was created by thoughtful business and education leaders and Junior Achievement with a belief in mind: that a high-quality education is the key to economic mobility. 3DE Schools systematically address the structural inequalities in education by providing access to in-demand careers, fostering school stability through engagement, and building a culture of inclusionary instruction and individual value.

the 3DE Curriculum  

Every four weeks, student teams explore a business-related case challenge. Students then conduct research, find solutions, and create a plan to solve the challenge that particular business is facing. After their plan is complete, the students present their findings and recommendations to a group of community leaders, business partners, and educators. The panel then shares feedback with each student team and selects an overall winner. This process provides students with a real-world exercise that encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and strategic planning.  

Get Involved

3DE needs the participation of local business and organizations to make their program and curriculum come to life. Partners can participate as a Case Challenge Sponsor, Mentor, or Judge at a Case Challenge Competition. Your involvement can make a significant impact on our students’ futures.

To get involved at Tenoroc or Lake Region High School, please contact:

Shauna Dykes 
VP, District Development

Michelle Dix
3DE Partnerships Development Manager

3DE Impact

Increasing Student Achievement

90% of 3DE schools outperform prior year metrics and/or non-3DE comparative cohorts. Tenoroc saw improved attendance, higher graduation rates, and increased post-secondary enrollment.

Building Positive School Culture

85%+ of 3DE students, teachers, and principals see significant pre/post gains from years 1-4. Surveyed Tenoroc students said feel, “accepted, respected, and included at school.”

Building Positive Climate For Teachers 

3DE strengthens teacher engagement by ensuring their role is valued, their voices heard, and they are provided resources and support to make an effective impact. 

Outcomes and Expansions

What started as a program with 152 ninth grade students has now grown to over 200 students across ninth and tenth grades. Prior to the integration of the 3DE program, Tenoroc was one of the lowest performing schools in the county. Since then, the initial cohort achieved a remarkable 20% improvement in both attendance and GPA.
Impressed by these outstanding results, Superintendent Heid announced that Polk County Public Schools will fund a second 3DE program at Lake Region High School, another challenged school, set to launch in the 2024/25 school year. Plans are already in place for a third school the following year

“Working with Lakeland Leads in partnership with the Polk County Public Schools, and Tenoroc High has allowed us to bring 3DE’s transformative capabilities to Tenoroc High and build on the established success of the 3DE model.”

Shauna Dykes, Regional Director of Junior Achievement Tampa Bay Inc.