LKLD Leads recently organized a gathering that brought together key figures from the educational sector, local community leaders, and a representative from the nonprofit sector to explore the innovative educational approach offered by Big Picture Learning (BPL). Dr. Sonn Sam, BPL’s National Director of Partnerships, delivered a presentation at LKLD Leads Panel of Experts event, capturing the interest of Superintendent Heid who expressed a keen desire to delve deeper into what BPL could offer our students. Following this initial interest, Dr. Sonn Sam visited the PCPS district office to further discuss the potential benefits of forming a partnership with BPL for our community.
The meeting saw participation from a diverse group of attendees, including select high school principals, Chief Education Officer Joe McNaughton, the Assistant Superintendent of Advancement Ann Everett, Chief of Schools Tracy Collins, Director of Workforce Steve Cochran, the President of Polk Vision Kim Long, Lakeland Chamber President Amy Wiggins, the Senior Vice-President of LEDC Katie Worthington Decker, and PCPS Community Liaisons Reba Coil, Kylia Carswell, and Erica Morse. This assembly underscores our community’s commitment to exploring innovative educational pathways and collaborations that can enhance the learning experiences of our students.
In the schools that Big Picture Learning envisioned, students would be at the center of their learning. They would spend considerable time in the community under the tutelage of mentors and would not be evaluated solely based on standardized tests. Instead, students would be assessed on exhibitions of learning and demonstrations of achievement. The core distinguishers that made up a Big Picture Learning network school are still those that shape the schools that continue to join our network today.
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