Congratulations to the 2023 Award Winners!

Thank you for attending the first Annual Awards Dinner, where we celebrated academy educators and business partners. The room was filled with over fifty educators with dignitaries, elected officials, non-profit leaders, our local high-education institution’s leaders, economic development leaders, public and charter school leaders, and over forty different industries seeking to support and engage with our career education programs. 

Finally, the most enjoyable Honorable Governor Jeb Bush supplying an inspiring and transparent update on education in Florida.  

The evening’s conversation and fellowship made for an atmosphere that inspired all that attended.  The outpour of messages and comments I received has been overwhelmingly positive and made the efforts worthwhile. 

Congratulations to our LKLD Leads Award Winners and thank you to ALL Academy Educators doing all your hard work to impact the skill set of our graduates. 

Thank you all again for the table and event sponsors that made the evening possible and for LKLD Leads to provide each of the following Awards Winners with the below proceeds.

Academy of the Year

Central Florida Aerospace Academy at Kathleen High School

Business Partner of the Year

Ryan Dell | IDX

Trailblazer Award

Culinary Academy at George Jenkins High School 

Workforce Legacy Award

Tenoroc High School & Lakeland Electric 

Congratulations to our second place winners as well!

Lake Gibson School. Supported by President Dr. Angela Garcia Falconetti – Polk State University

MEDICAL ACADEMY George Jenkins High School. Supported by George Gibson – Polk County Fire Rescue

ACADEMY OF VETERINARY SCIENCE George Jenkins High School. Supported by Veterinarian Stephanie Bowes – My Pet’s Animal Hospital