Impact Report

In an environment that constantly evolves, Lakeland Leads (LL) is driving a confluence between business expertise and educational ingenuity. Our accomplishments echo our commitment to elevating K-12 education. Below are the cornerstone areas of our impact.

Industry Influence & Communication

Business Voice Amplified

Doubled LL’s members and strategic partnerships, magnifying our influence on public schools.

Strategic Audits

Spearheaded a comprehensive PCSB financial audit, laying the groundwork for collaborative solutions that engaged over 30 community members.

Government Advocacy

Championed for effective PCSB representation.

Community Events

Hosted a diversified portfolio of engagements promoting business-education alliances.

Workforce Pathways to Impact Pipeline Needs

School Partnerships

In the process of integrating our members with high schools, reaching nearly 1,000 students.

Financial Support

Awarded $12,000 in donations to celebrate successful Academy and Business Partners and $25,000 in Superintendent Heid Scholarships for students.

Process Enhancement

Advocating for a streamlined work-based learning digital platform for career readiness and improved processes for business engagement.

Increasing Access and Availability to Quality Seats

School Choice

Spearheaded the recruitment of IDEA Charter School to broaden high-quality education opportunities, with a capacity to serve almost 1,200 K-12 students.

Celebrating Success and Supporting Innovative Initiatives

Student-Focused Programs

 Backed multiple initiatives, like Junior Achievement 3DE, Partners in Education, and more, to empower at-risk students and increase business engagement.

LL’s approach is meticulously designed to elevate the educational landscape while meeting the precise needs of the business community. We aim to craft a generation of graduates who are not just academically equipped but are also industry-ready.

We invite you to become part of this transformative journey.
Your partnership can accentuate our collective efforts, shaping the workforce of tomorrow.