Magnet School Program to Expand in Polk County Public Schools

Article provided by Polk County Public Schools

Polk County Public Schools has secured a grant that will allow us to expand and improve our magnet school offerings.

The grant, worth nearly $14.5 million, is being provided through the federal government’s Magnet School Assistance Program. The funding will enable PCPS to embark on several exciting projects, including:

– Garner Elementary will become a magnet school focusing on STEM education, with students progressing to Lake Alfred Polytech Academy for middle school.
– Stephens Elementary will become a magnet school featuring an International Baccalaureate (IB) program, with students progressing to Union Academy for middle school.
– Blake Academy will become a magnet school, with the rigorous Cambridge AICE program available to elementary and middle school students.

In addition, PCPS will use the grant funding to make substantial additions to two existing magnet schools:

– Bethune Academy will receive a Cambridge AICE program for elementary students.
– Daniel Jenkins academy will add a Cambridge AICE program for middle school students.

Ann Everett, PCPS’ senior director of Acceleration and Innovation programs, said the magnet grant will help our school district provide even more academic opportunities for students. The funding will also help bolster the classroom techniques and professional development resources used by PCPS instructional staff, Everett said.

“This grant will have tremendous benefits for our community,” she said. “We will be able to offer greater support to schools and enhance their programs, leading to more students having success at every level of their education.”

PCPS is in the early stages of implementing these new magnet school initiatives. Updates will be provided to families at each school as more details are finalized.