We Need Your Support

Many Lakeland businesses and community stakeholders want to get involved in shaping the future of our graduates by supporting initiatives that create successful change, but they don’t know how. Many others have invested in our local schools without seeing the sustainable and scalable impact.

Lakeland Leads is a platform for businesses and community stakeholders to engage with our education ecosystem for partnership, accountability, and long-term transformation. We fund innovative ideas to change the trajectory of our community’s future leaders. Our goal is to accelerate progress with the district to change the course of our low-performing schools.

The Plan

What makes LKLD LEADS

LKLD LEADS believes it takes a community to make a difference in our students lives. The most progressive business leaders have realized that engaging in positively impacting PK–12 outcomes this will have a direct impact on our economy’s future. Well-educated students become skilled and productive employees, and prosperous employees become avid consumers.

LKLD LEADS understands that by building meaningful relationships and becoming a trusted partner these efforts will show district leaders and parents that positive outcomes are possible. 

LKLD LEADS is a 501c3 nonprofit, nonpartisan group of Lakeland’s best and brightest business leaders who believe that Great Schools are Good Business. Our membership dues are tax-deductible per IRS regulations.

Why become a LKLD LEADS Member

Impact Education Solutions

  • Participate in exclusive educational reform decisions.
  • Participate in education forums influencing education quality, access, and availability.
  • Opportunities to share industry knowledge to affect critical pipeline needs.
Bridge Education and Business Communities

  • Participate in events that will provide networking with Education advocates and leaders.
  • Partnership opportunities with education entities to improve the exposure of your industry and career options.
  • Take part in programs that support education reforms to build a more robust graduating workforce.
Expand Your Community Influence

  • Become a community leader casting your influence beyond your industry.
  • Gain access to updated educational issues that affect our community, businesses, and economic growth.
  • Receive invitations to exclusive training, events, and networking opportunities to build a better understanding of the education reform taking place in our Lakeland schools.
How You Can Get Involved

Partner with Us

Lakeland Leads has the desire to understand the differences across sectors and has confidence that leaders with varied perspectives and capabilities will contribute to the effort.

what is Lakeland Leads Goals


Gain exclusive access to education reform, focus groups, and share industry knowledge

Now is the time to help bridge education to economic impact in our community & businesses. 

Lakeland Leads is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and all donations to this organization are tax-deductible.