Our Goals

Instead of taking a neutral role in education performance and policy, Lakeland Leads stands beside our education leaders to work in partnership to produce a skilled workforce for tomorrow.

Building Tomorrow's Leaders

Allow Lakeland’s industry leaders to have a voice in impacting graduate skillsets by gaining a seat at the table to create real-world experiences for our students before they graduate.

Celebrate Success

As a community, we will focus on the positive outcomes of our students and teachers to create a momentum and culture of school success in our community. 

Partners in Education

Lakeland Leads is collaborating with Polk School District Community Laison Directors and the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce to create partnership with our schools and local businesses to tackle community-centered responsibilities such as food scarcity, students lacking uniforms, and teacher supplies.

Reduce Wait Lists

To be competitive and forward-thinking, we need to focus on reducing waiting lists and bringing more options to create the best educational ecosystem. 

Accelerate District Performance

Investing in strategic partnerships with our business community and leaders to make student success everyone’s responsibility. Driving accountability by tracking student success throughout the year. 

Early Education Matters

What starts behind, stays behind. Increasing the number of students that attend Pre-K can change the path of a student’s journey to have a positive start to learning.