Target Areas

Lakeland Leads’s mission is to engage the business community in transforming Lakeland’s public school system to produce graduates with 21st Century skills, post-secondary credentials, and workforce readiness.  These target areas allow us to further our mission, engage community members, and support Polk County workforce initiatives.  

LL_Icons_for_Web_Continuous Advancement-in Education

Continuous Advancement in Education

Research and collaborate to reinforce innovative education models in the Polk ecosystem. 

LL_Icons_for_Web_Expectation Access and Availability

Expectations, Access, and Availability

Elicit equitable and rigorous learning opportunities for students across the district. 

LL_Icons_for_Web_Community Investment

Community Investment

Increase support for LKLD Leads among corporations, organizations, and collaborators. 

LL_Icons_for_Web_Elevate Business Partnerships

Elevate Business Partnerships

Organize and leverage education and community stakeholders to increase work-based learning (WBL) opportunities for students. 

With these focused initiatives, we are able to have an incredible impact on our community and the realm of K-12 education in Polk County. Click the button below to explore our impact.